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What is Common Sense Science (CSS)?

Common Sense Science is a body of theory regarding matter and forces that describes the physical world using geometric models, absolute time and Galilean space in a way that strives to be consistent with experimental observations and free of internal contradictions. The foundational principles of CSS theory are based upon the law of cause and effect and the assertion that the universe and all natural phenomena are fundamentally electrical in character.

These principles have led to the derivation of a universal force law that applies on all scales ranging from the sub-atomic to the cosmic domain and to the development of physical models for elementary particles, nuclei, atoms and molecules. Although the new models are novel and in many ways strikingly different from the standard model of elementary particles, they have an inherent simplicity and physical form that appeals to common sense. One reason for this is because the CSS models can be visualized and analyzed using the math and physics commonly found to hold true at laboratory scales.

New Developments: Articles summarizing the latest developments in the CSS model can be found and downloaded under our Resources tab at Downloadable Articles. New articles are posted quarterly.

Our Survey Page takes you to a tutorial-based survey that describes the fundamental ideas behind the CSS models including Technical References with abstracts of key papers. You may browse the survey and view the links describing the model to get a better understanding of our work without submitting the survey. 

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