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Design vs. Chaos
Book on CD

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Design vs. Chaos by Russ McGlenn introduces the new model of the atom developed by Common Sense Science. This textbook for Christian and Home Schools Grades 7 and up teaches the Scientific Method, fundamental science concepts, and the Creation Worldview in the context of the Spinning Ring Model of the Atom. This book has 8 chapters covering (1) Design and Order Vs. Relativity and Chaos, (2) The Fundamentals of Classical Science, (3) Einsteinís Papers: Fact or Fiction?, (4) The Bohr Model, (5) The Spinning Charged Electron, (6) The Spinning-Ring Model of the Atom, (7) God and the Space-Time Continuum, (8) A Witness to Scientists. Design Vs. Chaos is available on CD in Adobe PDF format. The book has 145 pages (8Ĺ inches by 11 inches) of text and graphics.


Design vs. Chaos
Book and Teachers Resource Manual on CD

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Design vs. Chaos Book and Teachers Manual contains PowerPoint presentations for each of the 8 chapters of the Design Vs. Chaos book, plus a chapter of supplemental material on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. There is also a supplemental presentation for Chapter 2 on Energy as Fields and Waves. For a classroom presentation of these lessons, connect a digital projector to a computer. The projected images are colorful graphics with text that explains the science, philosophy, and Biblical doctrines of some aspect of creation-science. The Teacherís Resource Manual for Design Vs. Chaos is available on a CD and comes with PowerPoint Viewer. The CD contains a vast amount of teaching material (over 200 MB) of PowerPoint files.


Science and Rationalism

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Philosophies inherently define oneís controlling principles and guidelines in every aspect of life - including oneís work as a scientist. Common Sense Science has been successful in purely science endeavours because the underlying philosophy contends that truth can be found and understood, that nature is not capricious, and that the universe operates in accordance with the Worldview Principles of objective reality, causality, and unity. Science and Rationalism compares CSS philosophy with Platoís rationalism, and modern naturalism. The foundations of these philosophies are derived from principles of humanism or theism.