Downloadable Articles
from past CSS Newsletters

Common Sense Science offers all of the CSS Newsletter lead articles for download, without the correspondence and supplemental material in the Newsletter. Your donation will help defray the cost to produce CSS materials and further the work of our scientists. Items for download are in Adobe Acrobat format. Download Adobe Acrobat now.

Vol. 21, No 4, Nov 2018
The Circumstantial Evidence for What Caused the Regression of Modern Science

Vol. 21, No 3, Aug 2018
The Regression of Modern Science,
Part 5 - The Age of the Earth

Vol. 21, No 2, May 2018
The Regression of Modern Science,
Part 4 - The Role of Mathematics and Geometry

Vol. 21, No 1, Feb 2018
The Regression of Modern Science, Part 3 - Evolution: The Abiogenesis Origin of Life

Vol. 20, No 4, Nov 2017
The Regression of Modern Science, Part 2 - The Big Bang Origin of the Universe

Vol. 20, No 3, Aug 2017
The Regression of Modern Science, Part 1 - The Adoption of Modern Naturalism

Vol. 20, No 2, May 2017
The Experimental Discovery of Magnetic Monopoles

Vol. 20, No 1, Feb 2017
What Is Time and Space?

Vol. 19, No 4, Nov 2016
What Is Charge?

Vol. 19, No 3, Aug 2016
The Need for Reformation in Modern Physics Based on Logic and Metatheory

Vol. 19, No 2, May 2016
The Role of Rreductionism in Modern Science
Vol. 19, No 1, Feb 2016
What is Mass?

Vol. 18, No 4, Nov 2015
Boscovich's Curve and Principles of Simplicity and Continuity

Vol. 18, No 3, Aug 2015
Mochus the Proto-Philosopher

Vol. 18, No 2, May 2015
What is the Nature and Cause of Life?

Vol. 18, No 1, Feb 2015
Is There Any Truth in Modern Physics?
Vol. 17, No 4, Nov 2014
The Troubles with Modern Physics and the Solution from Logic and Metatheory
Vol. 17, No 3, Aug 2014
The Dual Nature of the Electron
Vol. 17, No 2, May 2014
Mach's Principle and the Anomalous Force on Pioneer 10 and 11 Spacecraft
Vol. 17, No 1, Feb 2014
The Circular Current Loop as a Model of Fundamental Particles



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Additional Downloadable Articles

The following articles are available for download at no charge. 

CO1  Forces on Moving Objects by David L. Bergman (1997). Analysis of space-time physics proposed in Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. Shows how forces really act on moving bodies and explains the basis of inertial mass. 19 pages.

CO2  Inertial Mass of Charged Elementary Particles by David L. Bergman (1997). Science paper explaining the physical mechanisms that produce the inertial force of reaction in the electron and proton rings. 6 pages.
CO3  Physical Models of Matter by David L. Bergman (1997). Paper showing that physical models are superior to point particles in explaining blackbody radiation and other basic phenomena using a ring particle absorption mechanism. 3 pages. 
GE1  Spinning Charged Ring Model of Electron Yielding Anomalous Magnetic Moment by David L. Bergman (1990). Science paper that proposed a spinning charged ring model of electron. 10 pages.
GE5  Commentary on "Sub-Quantum Physics" by David L. Bergman (1997). Particle-wave duality and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle are fundamental but flawed concepts of Quantum Theory. 6 pages.
IC1  Conflict of Atomism and Creationism in History by David L. Bergman (1998). Conflict in philosophy of science is traced from ancient Greek ideas to Modern Science. 13 pages.
LN1  Theory of Forces by David L. Bergman (1998). Reviews historical theories of force transmission, shows of origin of the inertial force, and establishes an electromagnetic basis for Newton’s laws of mechanics. 21 pages.