Common Sense Science Speaker Presentations

Common Sense Science presents to churches, creation science fellowship groups, colleges, Christian schools and science conferences at meetings both internationally and across the United States.

CSS presentations are based on our original research regarding the physical universe. We explain how our models and theories of matter are consistent with the best scientific methodology, creation theology and creation principles. Unless otherwise noted, all presentations include PowerPoint Slides projection.

Select from our list of current presentations below and contact us to schedule a speaker presentation for your school or group


Charles W, Lucas, Jr.
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  • Evidence for a Young Earth – Radiometric Age of the Earth.
  • Evidence for a Young Earth – Polonium Radiohalos.
  • Evidence for a Young Earth – Recent Expansion of the Earth with Stretch Marks
  • Evidence for a Young Universe – 2.7 K Cosmic Background Radiation, Hubble’s Law and Quantized Redshifts
  • History of the Earth According to Science and the Bible – includes creation, flood, separation of the continents, genealogies, radiometric age, etc.
  • Derivation of Universal Electromagnetic Force Law (technical, for physicists/scientists)
  • Mechanism By Which God Created from Genesis 1 and Science
  • Finger Prints of the Creator (Electromagnetic theory of everything with God's symmetry evident at every level or scale of creation)


David L. Bergman
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  • Conflict of Atomism and Creationism in History
  • Common Sense Approach to the Atom
  • A Creationist Cosmology
  • Creation Worldview (Lecture without PowerPoint Slides)
  • Forms Of Real Molecular Structures (FORMS). A computer simulation of sub-atomic structure and internal motions


Glen C. Collins
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  • Atomic Structure – Why do we Care?
  • Common Sense Physics – Physical Model of the Atom
  • Evidence for a Young Earth – Radiometric Age of the Earth.
  • How Philosophy Drives Scientific Models & Vice Versa
  • CSS Atomic Models vs. Standard Models
  • Creationist Inconsistencies and Biblical Principles
  • Wholescale Replacement for Modern Physics
  • Scientific Evidence – The Facts Support the Bible